Local By Any: “Eat like a local”



“Travelers crave authentic experiences filled with activities that they can’t do at home. Cycling tourism allows travelers to get a unique sense of belonging wherever they might be.”                 Mark Thomsen, Marketing Manager of Trek Travel Euromonitor International

There are different ways to get to know a destination. Every city offers special activities that suits each traveler’s preferences. Now it is possible to see the city you like through the local people’s eyes. Going to the beach is always the perfect plan, it is part of our life style, but the Caribbean has many options to offer: it is colorful, historical, the food is delicious, local music is amazing and you will find a big package with new services that will enable you to experience the Caribbean like a local! This is the best option for travelers that are looking for a unique experience and a deep connection with the locals! The coast of Colombia is a place with special flavors where we can enjoy summer throughout the whole year; also, there is a fruit taste tour, activities to get you used to a new language, new music, typical dances, multiple cultural routes and traditional celebrations.

In February, we celebrate in Cartagena a traditional holiday in honor of the Candelaria virgin, in which the local community shows expressions of popular art; also, there is a food festival called Festival del Frito that is an immersion into the typical food and it is really impressive to see how foreign people in Cartagena enjoy our culture while they eat our food and hear stories about how our daily life is. Once, a little French girl who loves the ocean asked me where was the best place to see the sunset and I told her: Well, it depends on what you want to do…

She told me she wanted to see what locals like to see.

It was an amazing experience, I had a really good time eating, walking and talking as you can see in the pictures:





Photo Credit: Agnes Gardelle


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Ana Cristina Valle

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