Highlights by A.S.B: Make your program in April with Soundwalkrs

forts people

During the month of April you can schedule your activities with the Soundwalkrs APP. After Easter, you can still enjoying some of the Soundwalks for free. From touring the fortifications of Cartagena led by Don Antonio de Arévalo or walk the city streets on a walk through the Republican architecture of the city, led by Luis Felipe Franco Jaspe.


In addition, through the Explore Tag you can access to recommended by Soundwalkrs experts. From the place to go for lunch, dinner, dancing, etc. Even the most important events of the month, ranging from live concerts, cultural events, exhibitions, film screenings, theater, and all the activities that we recommend to locals, tourists, travelers and leisure hunters who are in the city.

Especially recommend to prepare for the activity of April 25, “Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series”, where the world-renowned Colombian diver, Orlando Duque, will make a display of his famous nailed on the Muelle de los Pegasos, near the Convention Center. They will arrive from 2.30pm and support our athletes. You can arrive from 2.30pm and support our athlete.

Until April 30th will be the exhibition at the Naval Museum of Blas de Leso, the Spanish hero who defended Cartagena of the English attack led by Admiral Vernon. And very attentive to other activities which are updated daily, film screenings of Film City Clubs, parties, celebrations, culture and art. Only in the Explore Tag Soundwalkrs. Without forgetting the functionality Near By and My Steps, which lets you locate yourself in the map of Soundwalkrs in the city, and share your experiences with your friends and followers on social networks.


If you have not yet downloaded the app, what are you waiting for? Download it from the App Store or Google Play, and begins to discover your city in a different way.

Alejandro Salgado Baldovino (A.S.B)

Twitter: @alejo_salgadoB

Instagram: @alejandros17.89

Blog: asbvirtualinfo.blogspot.com



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